Alternative Programmes


Alternative Programmes
All children are valued, respected and welcomed to the school whatever their additional educational need. We will support their learning and ensure they are fully included in all school activities, making full use of externally provided facilities where appropriate. Pupils’ strengths are always celebrated and encouraged with many opportunities to take part in extra activities.
We make use of a number of useful programmes that we have tried and tested and believe that they make a very positive contribution to our school.

Zones of Regulation
The Zones of Regulation incorporates Social Thinking® ( concepts and numerous visuals to teach students to identify their feelings/level of alertness, understand how their behaviour impacts those around them, and learn what tools they can use to manage their feelings and states.  Students throughout the school enjoy using this very visual child friendly programme to explore their feelings and learn the language of feelings. All of which promotes positive mental well-being.



Social Skills Groups
Social Skills Groups aim to support children who have a need in this area. We run workshops in friendship skills, conversation skills and general social skills. We use Model Me Kids which is an excellent programme with videos for Modelling Social Skills. We also use ‘Social Skills Training’ a programme by Dr Jed E Baker, Ph.D.

Speech and Language Therapist.
Julie O Neill is a Senior Speech and Language Therapist who works regularly with our school. She provides individualised Speech and Language Programmes for children who need it. She attends the school monthly and is an excellent support and source of expertise to both pupils and staff.

Sensory Breaks
Sensory Breaks have been developed with an Occupational Therapist to provide regular sensory circuits for children who struggle to keep concentration and experience difficulty in connecting with their learning. Sensory Breaks energise and help refocus students and makes for better concentration and availability for learning. The frequency and timings for these sessions are individualised.


Dyslexia Programmes
We are committed to helping children with dyslexia.  Staff are regularly updated in relation to the most current theory and practical classroom strategies to ensure that any pupil with dyslexia is able to access all aspects of the curriculum. We use a variety of recommended Dyslexia Programmes to assist children with Dyslexia. Staff understand that dyslexia is not just about reading or spelling difficulties, but that it can have a negative impact on organisational skills, processing speed, self esteem and aspects of memory and language.
We use Nessy Reading and Spelling Programme, Acceleread, Accelewrite, Toe by Toe and Alpha to Omega.

Staff are sensitive to seating arrangements in classrooms, lighting and noise, and provide visual aids to help with spelling and reading.


Maths Eyes
Maths Eyes is a new Maths Programme devised by Institute of Technology, Tallaght which encourages children to look at the world through their Maths Eyes. Maths is everywhere and children are challenged to find Maths in everyday life!


Jolly Phonics
Jolly Phonics is a fun and child centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. With actions for each of the 42 letter sounds, the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children.