Info for New Parents

1. School starts at 9:20am and finishes at 2:00pm. Junior Infants will go home at 12:30pm for the month of September.
2. Our uniform consists of a navy jumper or cardigan, a light blue shirt or blouse and grey trousers, skirt or pinafore. White socks, grey socks or grey tights complete the outfit.
3. As we operate a healthy eating policy in the school, we actively encourage a healthy lunch. Carambola deliver lunches daily to our school for every child. Lunch needs to be ordered before 4. Friday midnight for the following week on You will be given your login details at the beginning of the year.
4. There will be no homework in Junior Infants until after the midterm holidays.
5. As reading is the cornerstone of the curriculum, we actively encourage reading. Please read to your child as often as possible. Kerry County Library visits Sneem once a fortnight and has a well stocked children’s section. We have a suggested reading list for Junior Infants in our school. This list which is all available from Kerry County Council Library will be in the New Entrants Information Pack.
6. A book list will be sent out to each class in June.
7. Please send a change of clothes to school for your child in case of accidents.
8. Label all school clothing, lunchboxes, bags, etc.
9. Our mission statement states that St. Michael’s N.S. commits itself to promoting a happy learning environment where all children are given an opportunity to develop according to their abilities, needs and talents, incorporating a Catholic ethos while respecting and welcoming all other denominations.
10. If you as parents have concerns, worries or problems please feel free to make an appointment and visit to discuss these concerns. We are always happy to meet parents so that we can at all times do our best for your children.
11. Each new entrant will receive an enrolment form and information pack. This pack will contain all the necessary information any new parent would need. This form and pack will be given out in early June and will be available at the local crèche and in the school office.

Mise le Meas
Áine Murphy – Principal