SEAI One Good Idea

SEAI One Good Idea

In October 2017 the senior room in our School took part in the One Good Idea campaign run by the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland). The pupils in the senior room went into groups and chose a topic to do with energy efficiency and climate change. Every group filled out a form explaining why they should be chosen and their idea.

We were very surprised to find out a couple weeks later that one of our groups, The Legendary Light Savers had got through to the top 20 in Ireland. The group included William Davies, Sive O’Leary, Fionn O’Leary, Darragh Murphy and James O’Sullivan.

Their original idea was to create door hangers to remind people to turn off the lights until we came up the concept of “Elf on the Shelf”. We thought it was a good idea because it acts as a fresh reminder to switch off the lights when you see it. You move it around every day and when you see it, it reminds you to turn off the lights.

Shortly after brainstorming, Cian from the SEAI came in to school to give us a workshop and gave us tips on how to get our idea out there. He thought our idea was a good idea and very simple and said that we have a good chance and he thought we would be successful.

We got a great perspective from the workshop and started brainstorming how we could make our character, there were many great ideas until we came up with Mr. Bee, A very simple and easy to make character. Once we had our character in mind, we got to work making Mr. Bee, using easy to find materials such as toilet roll, card and pipe cleaners. We got every family in the school to make their own Mr. Bee to bring home to their parents and use to save on their electricity bill and for a greener future.

When we had produced enough Mr. Bees, we went down to our village and gave surveys to some locals about switching off their lights and saving energy. They were all impressed by Mr. Bee and agreed to bring him into their homes to remind them to turn off the lights. Our local priest also announced at mass about our Mr. Bee and agreed to let us give some out after mass.

We soon decided to centre anything else we did around Mr. Bee, including our home video on how Mr. Bee works and our song 500 miles parody! We had great craic making the song and singing it. All of the legendary light savers went down to William’s / Mrs. Davies house to shoot the video.

Our local electrician Kieran Casey came into our school and gave us a talk about energy efficiency, the Wattage of bulbs and the cost off leaving the lights on. We gave him a Mr. Bee to take home and use.

We also got an invite from Kerry Radio to be on a chat show with Deidre Walsh. We spoke to her live on the radio and it was a great experience.

We sent emails to Kerry County Council, Ducan Stewart, Denis Naughten (Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment) and the ESB.

We are now hoping to get a call back after Easter that our idea has made it into the top 6 in the country and with it a trip to Dublin Castle.

By William Davies and Sive O’ Leary 5th class

Primary School Debating Competition

St Michael’s National School debating team Mairead O Dwyer, Christina Murphy, Michael O Reardon, Kiera O Leary, Rachel O Brien and Clara Murphy travelled to Tralee on the 19th of January to participate in round 1 of the Debating Competition. Our school Debating Team was successful and went on to Round 2 of the Debating Competition.

Our School Debating Team travelled to Tralee on Friday the 10th of February to debate against Tralee Educate Together Primary School. Unfortunately our School Debating Team lost out in Round 2.

Well done to our debaters and all involved!

Debating team
Debating team

Junior Entrepreneur

Kindle with Care

Junior Entrepreneur is an initiative to encourage children to start and run their own business. This year the chosen product for Junior Entrepreneur is Kindle with Care.

Kindle with Care is fire kindling made easy. There are twigs/sticks in a bundle tied with string. We will be selling 4 bundles for €1.

Kindle with Care team
Kindle with Care


We will be showcasing our product on Wednesday the 22nd of February at 1.30pm in Sneem School.

We will also be selling Choco Spoons on the day, which is a novel way of making hot chocolate.

Everyone welcome!!

Operation Transformation 10 at 10:

On Friday the 10th of February at 10am St Michael’s National School participated in the 10 at 10. The children engaged in a number of exercises and fitness activities.

10 at 10 is an initiative run by Operation Transformation. Their aim is to get every primary school child in Ireland to get active in a mass burst of physical activity.