Staff Directory

We are a happy, vibrant, forward thinking school in which we hope to instill a love of learning and a quest for knowledge in all our pupils.

  • Mrs Murphy

    Mrs Murphy is the Principal of St Michael’s and she is also one of the Special Education Teachers. Mrs Murphy works really hard to make sure all the children are happy and our school is a fun place to be.

  • Mr Hussey

    This is Mr Hussey. Mr Hussey is the Deputy Principal and he teaches 4th, 5th and 6th Classes. Mr Hussey loves Maths and Irish and makes them really fun to learn. He loves football and is very active!

  • Mrs Dignam

    This is Mrs Dignam. Mrs Dignam also teaches 1st, 2nd and 3rd Classes. She loves art and always makes it fun. She is kind and always teaches great lessons in the school garden.

  • Mrs Murphy

    This is Mrs Murphy. Mrs Murphy is a Learning Support and Resource Teacher. She helps lots of students and she is kind and patient.

  • Ms O’Sullivan

    This is Ms O’Sullivan. Ms O’Sullivan is the Junior and Senior Infants Teacher. She is kind and patient and always ensures that the infants are having fun while learning!

  • Marion

    This is Marion. Marion is a Special Needs Assistant SNA in Mr Hussey’s Room and she is also the school secretary. Marion is very kind and without her the school wouldn’t be the same!

  • Caroline

    This is Caroline. Caroline is a Special Needs Assistant in Mr Morley’s Class. She is always smiling and is very sporty. She is very helpful and kind.

  • Stephanie

    This is Stephanie. Stephanie is a Special Needs Assistant in Mr Morley’s Class. She has a beautiful voice and enjoys tutoring the school choir.